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Other Insurance

Other Insurance

Most people have other insurance needs besides home, auto, and life. The Wasiczko Agency can help you figure out the best coverage for your situation. A few additional policies to consider for New York residents are umbrella, RV, classic auto, and special event.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance, also known as excess liability insurance, provides extra coverage above and beyond the liability insurance carried on homeowners and auto insurance. This extra coverage can give peace of mind. If something happens on your property or if you get into an auto accident and it is your fault, umbrella insurance will protect you for up to $5 million. Most auto policies only include $25,000 to $250,000 in liability coverage. That money can be used up quickly, especially if you are sued.

RV Insurance

Anyone who owns an RV needs RV insurance. Protect your asset and personal belongings if you get into an accident or if something happens at a vacation site. Vacation is not the time to be stressed out over an accident, let our insurance agency ensure you are protected.

Classic Auto

A classic auto policy is different than a regular auto policy, especially if the vehicle is not driven daily. We understand that your needs with this type of vehicle are different. The value of a classic vehicle is also not straightforward like a regular auto policy. We can discuss the value of your vehicle and agree upon an accurate figure.

Special Event

Hosting a special event is expensive and your investment needs to be protected. Special event insurance can help protect you if someone gets injured at your event, the property gets damaged where you are holding your event, or if you need to cancel the event.

Visit our New York office or give our insurance agency a call to discuss these other types of insurance. Our staff at The Wasiczko Agency will work hard to understand your needs and get you proper coverage.

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